Shareholder Disputes

Conflict between decision makers and and shareholders is not uncommon. Further, partners often face disagreement over governing policies or corporate direction. Our legal team can help resolve shareholder and partnership issues to give your company the opportunity to move forward in a positive direction.

Excellence in legal services provides the foundation for IND LAW LLC. We achieve excellence not only through skills and experience, but also by giving personal attention to each and every client and maintaining focus on each client’s needs and objectives.

We will develop litigation and trial strategies for each client. We anticipate the opposition and act to minimize their efforts. We aggressively assert our client’s interests to ensure the best possible result.

IND LAW LLC works with each client individually. We strive to ensure that every client’s unique needs are met. IND LAW LLC frequently engages in alternative fee structures and billing arrangements to accommodate client’s needs.

We do not engage in expensive litigation that only marginally advances the client’s case or greater business objectives. The cost of litigation should be a fraction of the risks involved.

IND LAW LLC is dedicated to knowing and achieving the best result for each client. This means knowing the client’s interests in the litigation by knowing the client’s greater business or personal objectives. We work cooperatively with each client to understand each client’s needs and from there build our litigation strategy. Contact us today.